WORLD NEWS | Millions of Target Shoppers Credit Card Information Stolen

Terrible news stuck moments ago for Target shoppers across the nation. It has been confirmed by the Secret Service that hackers hijacked and breached security systems and has stolen millions of customers' payment information. This means that your credit card or debit card information is now in the hands of theives.

Authorities suspect that if anyone has made purchases within any Target stores from November 29th through December 15th, their information could be compromised. It is beleved that the information was stole from Target card readers that are linked to the registers. Over 1,700 stores have been affected. See more below.

A warning for anyone who has shopped at Target stores since Thanksgiving: Your debit and credit card information may now be in the hands of hackers. 
The Secret Service has confirmed thieves have stolen an unknown number of Target customers' payment information, which could affect millions who have shopped there, starting on the busy Black Friday weekend.
The breach reportedly involves nearly all Target stores nationwide, and may have continued until Dec. 15.
Investigators believe the data stored in the cards' magnetic strips was hacked at the cash registers.
Hackers may aim to sell the stolen information wholesale on the black market to people who use it to manufacture phony credit or debit cards. Criminals can then use those fake cards to buy gift cards and eventually convert them into cash. 
Target has not yet responded to requests for comment. The Secret Service is investigating the incident.
The chain has 1,797 stores in the United States and 124 in Canada.

Source: NBC Chicago

That is crazy. I can say that I haven't shopped at a Target store within that time period. I pray that no one I know will be affected by this madness! Sad to say that this is what happen when you refuse to sell a Beyonce album. I find it very ironic that this would happen after the news broke that they would carry her album....She did it! BOW DOWN!

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