The Beyonce Epidemic , Sells over 827K Copies, New Singles & Videos

The Beyonce epidemic is here and it's what I call this entire movement she's begun. The woman has completely changed the game. She's changed the face of music and has rewrote the rules of engagement. The release of her self titled album "Beyonce" was very VERY successful. It's on track to sales over 800K in the first 3 days of it's release. Hit's Daily are reported so far that it's shifted 403K but apparently Beyonce's camp has different numbers to go by.

It's easy to say that no one saw it coming. It happened out of the blue. People have been questioning when is she releasing a single, when will there be an album announcement, why has she been recording so many videos and then boom! She gives it all to you at one time. It was truly Beyonce overload...whether you like it or not.

The album itself is very eye opening. It's Beyonce on a whole new level. I personally think this is the Beyonce people have been wanting to see. The sexy, the risky, the raunchy, the ratchet the hood the everything. She gives you all of that from this album. She dropped the Michelle Obama First Lady act and embraced that ghetto Houston hood side that we knew resided in her. All of this helped propelled
this album to success.

Whatever the case, final numbers will come in and the end of tomorrow. The visual album is still only available exclusively to iTunes and only the full album can be purchased. Singles will be available to be purchased individually on December 20 and physical copies are set to hit retail stores on December 23rd. It's been revealed that the first set of singles from the album will be "Drunk In Love" feat. Jay Z and "XO". The videos all have been released and the songs have already began making radio impact across the nation.

"Drunk In Love" is a popular song. It's a fan favortie and it's also convereted non-Beyonce fans into stans. The song and the video are very popular. It's a different type of urban cut. It was written by a number of people and produced by five different producers and the video was shot by Hype Williams.

The radio impact is so strong that "XO" is appartently set for a #1 debut on the Billboard Hot 100. It will be her first chart topper since 2008's "Single Ladies". "XO" was penned by Beyonce, The-Dream and Ryan Teddar & produced by the three as well as Hit Boy. Below you can check out the video for the anthem. It was directed by Terry Richardson. It was shot back in August in Coney Island. Check out the full videos below.


"Drunk In Love"

Killer videos!! I love the songs and both of the videos! I'm sure they both will do fairly well on the charts. I'm debating on giving a full album review. I'll decide on that, but in the mean time, for those of you that are afraid of iTunes, check out the videos and indulge in her greatness!!!!

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