Kelly Rowland Says She Wants A #1 Album

Kelly Rowland is tired of the bullshit. She wants a number one album. She's ready and she feels the time is right! During the end of one of the X-Factor shows, RVP caught up with the songstress and she dished on a few things.

First she talked up hoping that her X-Factor protege wins the show, the the two got to talking about her fashion game along with if she'll rejoin the judging cast next season. That's when she brought up working on a new album and she said the goal is for her to nab a #1 record.

Also, you know he had to save the best question for last and I'm sure she felt it coming. He questioned her about the new Beyonce album. Check out the goods below.

What does it take for someone to get a #1 record? I'd simply say you need the fan base and a great ass song. Because without a strong fan base,  you simply won't win. The will buy that great turn they will make the album great.

Her last album "Talk A Good Game" was pretty solid. It also had some strong singles on it. In her case, it wasn't promoted properly. Some people didn't even know she put out an album this year and so far is just a few units shy of 200,000 copies since it's release back in June.

As far as Kelly goes, I mean she doesn't have too many RowlandStones (her fan base name). Shit, some of the fans didn't even know that her fanbase had a name. Well now you know. So do you think she has what it takes for a hit album?

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