Drake Has Another Aaliyah Collaboration Up His Sleeve

Photo-shopped Image of Drake & Aaliyah

We all know about Drake's obsession with Aaliyah. If you think about it, a lot of people have an obession or was inspired by her in some type of way. From Ciara, to Sevyn Streeter and even Chris Brown. We were supposed to get a full album from the late singer last year after the release of the "Enough Said" single, but it didn't happen.

The song featured Drake but was met with a ton of critizicm after he cursed throughout the lyrics. Also fan caused an uproar when it was announced that Timbaland or Missy wasn't going to have anything to do with an album. That still seems to be true after Drake posted this video on his Instagram page. He's singing along to un-heard vocals from her. See it below.

"I'm so ready for you." Hearing her voice on new but old material is just so creepy to me. But I love it. It's scary because it's like a resurrection. All we need is a hologram performance I'll be extra satisfied and creeped out even more! I wonder if Drake would put it together? I do wonder what would Aaliyah say about her unfinished vocals and materials being put out there. You know she was a perfectionist.

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