Ciara Confirms New Album Is In The Works

If you were hoping that Ciara would release "Where You Go" and "Overdose" videos then I hate to be the one to inform you, but it's never happening. Reason being is that she is already working on a new album. It's hasn't even been six months since the release of "Ciara" which suffered lackluster sales.

The singer revealed the news while speaking "Genlux" magazine. She went on to say “I’m in the process of making my new album. My inspiration is life and reality. It’s important to express myself musically. I am so connected to who I am now, and I now I want to share pieces of myself with the world.”

Question is, do we really need a new Ciara album? What will this new album give us that the other one didn't? A Hit? Possibly. With that being said I'm all for it and all for her. I also would like to note that she had a "visual" idea going on with her last album. 

She released short videos for her songs on "Ciara", the only difference is that they weren't included on her album thus not making it an official visual for thought.

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