Beyonce's "Grown Woman" Video Springs A Leak

All things can't stay secret forever. Over the past year or so, Beyonce has been quite mum about her offerings of a single, video and album. Over the past several months, she been spotted on set after set shooting numerous of videos. Back in April, her song "Gown Woman" debuted along with the new Pepsi commercial and campaign. It was then announced via Billboard that "Grown Woman" Was the next single and was due for release shortly, then that story was pulled.

Fast forward to today, a 90 second clip of a video from the song has surfaced online. It looks as if it was done in error or by a sneaky snake. It's clearly just a rough snippet and Beyonce embraces her African side by dancing, thrusting, wobbling and shaking everyhting Tina Knowles gave her. She makes an appearance in the clip as well as Kelly Rowland. There's no word on an official release as of yet. So in the meantime, get your dose of B while you can before it's yanked.

I mean, there's simply no excitement over this. From me at least. The song is extra old and the hype has died down since it's release. If anything, she should have dropped this for the fans since it was never gonna be a single. It looks very old. Beyonce isn't even that thick anymore. She's lost a ton of weight from all the touring she's been doing.

Furthermore, the video looks like a mesh of everything she's done. From "Single Ladies" to "Countdown". It doesn't strike me as fresh nor does it wow me. It's the same Beyonce which is why I believe she decided to not release it as a single or video. It's clear to me now, and I can see how she would have scrapped an entire album to reboot the project simply because of this.

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