WINNERS | 2013 Dimp-Zone Awards

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Alright everyone, the wait is over. After 10 days the votes are in with over 1,400 votes. I want to thank each and every one of you that voted. It really means a lot to me so thank you very much. I also listened to the feedback I've gotten this year. There was a lot of constructive criticism that I will put into work for next years awards.

There will be more categories, more selections of artists, producers and content to choose from while voting. I bring you the winners of the 2013 Dimp-Zone Awards! There were a few surprises, even for me. People that I thought stood a chance didn't. So without further ado...the winners can be found below.

VOTE NOW | 2013 Dimp-Zone Awards

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It's that time of the year again and over here at Dimp-Zone I like to see who do you think was the best of the best this past year. You will vote for your favorite artist, Best new artist, videos and so and so forrth. You know how this works.

Polls will be open for 10 days and the results will be revealed on December 29th! You can vote for your favorite as many times as you like. So without further ado, let the voting commence below.

Kelly Rowland Says She Wants A #1 Album

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Kelly Rowland is tired of the bullshit. She wants a number one album. She's ready and she feels the time is right! During the end of one of the X-Factor shows, RVP caught up with the songstress and she dished on a few things.

First she talked up hoping that her X-Factor protege wins the show, the the two got to talking about her fashion game along with if she'll rejoin the judging cast next season. That's when she brought up working on a new album and she said the goal is for her to nab a #1 record.

Also, you know he had to save the best question for last and I'm sure she felt it coming. He questioned her about the new Beyonce album. Check out the goods below.

VINE OF THE DAY | Boss Ass Bitch

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PHOTO OF THE DAY | Kim Kardashian......

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I DIED when I got to November!

Beyonce Shades Target & Makes A Surprise Visit To Walmart

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Beyonce is high on life right now as her new self titled album is still making headlines around the nation. Even more so since retail giant Target released a statement saying that they would not be carrying the album since it was released first digitally exclusive to iTunes. The company released a statement indicating why.

Well, Bey is classy and she throws shade just as classy. Last night she was in New York for her Mrs. Carter World Tour stop at the Barclay's Center and afterwards she celebrated her album's release at a local Dave & Busters.

So today before heading out she made a surprise visit to a local Walmart store. Not only did she visit, but she also bought all of the shoppers $50 Walmart gift cards and made an over head announcement that her new CD is now available for purchase. See more pictures from the fun filled event below.

"Beyonce" Hits 1 Million in Sales, Platinum Certification

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Congratulations are due for king Beyonce as her latest album "Beyonce" crossed the one million mark in sales earlier today. The news comes from Columbia and Apple at around 10am this morning. according tho The Huff Post. The worldwide tally is expected to rise even higher now that physical copies are arriving to stores.

The RIAA is expected to officially certify the album platinum within the next few days. She will join her husband Jay Z with a platinum certification this year and will also join the very few artists that are able to sell over a million copies in a week. In her case, it was done effortlessly without any promotion what so ever.

WORLD NEWS | Millions of Target Shoppers Credit Card Information Stolen

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Terrible news stuck moments ago for Target shoppers across the nation. It has been confirmed by the Secret Service that hackers hijacked and breached security systems and has stolen millions of customers' payment information. This means that your credit card or debit card information is now in the hands of theives.

Authorities suspect that if anyone has made purchases within any Target stores from November 29th through December 15th, their information could be compromised. It is beleved that the information was stole from Target card readers that are linked to the registers. Over 1,700 stores have been affected. See more below.


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Courtesy of Brandan LMAO!

Ciara Confirms New Album Is In The Works

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If you were hoping that Ciara would release "Where You Go" and "Overdose" videos then I hate to be the one to inform you, but it's never happening. Reason being is that she is already working on a new album. It's hasn't even been six months since the release of "Ciara" which suffered lackluster sales.

The singer revealed the news while speaking "Genlux" magazine. She went on to say “I’m in the process of making my new album. My inspiration is life and reality. It’s important to express myself musically. I am so connected to who I am now, and I now I want to share pieces of myself with the world.”

The Beyonce Epidemic , Sells over 827K Copies, New Singles & Videos

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The Beyonce epidemic is here and it's what I call this entire movement she's begun. The woman has completely changed the game. She's changed the face of music and has rewrote the rules of engagement. The release of her self titled album "Beyonce" was very VERY successful. It's on track to sales over 800K in the first 3 days of it's release. Hit's Daily are reported so far that it's shifted 403K but apparently Beyonce's camp has different numbers to go by.

It's easy to say that no one saw it coming. It happened out of the blue. People have been questioning when is she releasing a single, when will there be an album announcement, why has she been recording so many videos and then boom! She gives it all to you at one time. It was truly Beyonce overload...whether you like it or not.

The album itself is very eye opening. It's Beyonce on a whole new level. I personally think this is the Beyonce people have been wanting to see. The sexy, the risky, the raunchy, the ratchet the hood the everything. She gives you all of that from this album. She dropped the Michelle Obama First Lady act and embraced that ghetto Houston hood side that we knew resided in her. All of this helped propelled
this album to success.

Whatever the case, final numbers will come in and the end of tomorrow. The visual album is still only available exclusively to iTunes and only the full album can be purchased. Singles will be available to be purchased individually on December 20 and physical copies are set to hit retail stores on December 23rd. It's been revealed that the first set of singles from the album will be "Drunk In Love" feat. Jay Z and "XO". The videos all have been released and the songs have already began making radio impact across the nation.

Beyoncé Drops a Brand New Album on iTunes

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Yup you read it right. How she did it? I have no idea. It has been keep a nice big fat secret but get your life right here. It's an entire album with a video for each of them !!!

Beyonce's "Grown Woman" Video Springs A Leak

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All things can't stay secret forever. Over the past year or so, Beyonce has been quite mum about her offerings of a single, video and album. Over the past several months, she been spotted on set after set shooting numerous of videos. Back in April, her song "Gown Woman" debuted along with the new Pepsi commercial and campaign. It was then announced via Billboard that "Grown Woman" Was the next single and was due for release shortly, then that story was pulled.

Fast forward to today, a 90 second clip of a video from the song has surfaced online. It looks as if it was done in error or by a sneaky snake. It's clearly just a rough snippet and Beyonce embraces her African side by dancing, thrusting, wobbling and shaking everyhting Tina Knowles gave her. She makes an appearance in the clip as well as Kelly Rowland. There's no word on an official release as of yet. So in the meantime, get your dose of B while you can before it's yanked.

OH GOD | Rebecca Black is Back with "Saturday"

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Yup. Remember her from two years ago who released the much talked about song "Friday"? Well Rebecca Black is back and all grown up. She released the follow up called "Saturday". I'll let you be the judge and see for yourself!

VINE OF THE DAY | You Dropped $20

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NEW VIDEOS | Tamar Braxton - "All The Way Home" & "She Can Have You"

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Tamar is in the gifting spirit. Tonight she didn't only release one, but two brand spanking new videos for her tamartians. The first of the two being "All The Way Home". The Sevyn Streeter penned ballad features Tamar's husband Vincent Herbert in the video as the love interest.

The second was the video from her Christmas album "Winter Loversland". The single "She Can Have You" show a lonely Tamar sitting home alone on Christmas, drinking and flipping out about being left for another woman during the holidays. Check out both of the clips below.

Drake Has Another Aaliyah Collaboration Up His Sleeve

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Photo-shopped Image of Drake & Aaliyah

We all know about Drake's obsession with Aaliyah. If you think about it, a lot of people have an obession or was inspired by her in some type of way. From Ciara, to Sevyn Streeter and even Chris Brown. We were supposed to get a full album from the late singer last year after the release of the "Enough Said" single, but it didn't happen.

The song featured Drake but was met with a ton of critizicm after he cursed throughout the lyrics. Also fan caused an uproar when it was announced that Timbaland or Missy wasn't going to have anything to do with an album. That still seems to be true after Drake posted this video on his Instagram page. He's singing along to un-heard vocals from her. See it below.

WATCH | The Walking Dead: Season 4, Episode 8

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If you missed the mid-season finale of AMC's The Walking Dead this past Sunday then you should be shot dead! This should have been last season's finale if you ask me but man oh man. When I say there was blood shed, and lots of lives were lost....

Peep the show below and see if your favorites die! It simply blew my mind!

Tamar Braxton Plans To Release "All The Way Home" Video Tomorrow

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Tamar has done a damn good job keeping things under wraps with her upcoming projects. Fans thought she abandoned "Love & War" to focus on the new Christmas album "Winter Loversland", but they were wrong.

"All The Way Home" is the latest single lifted from the new album and it was penned by Sevyn Streeter. The cut is a fan favorite and is now getting the video treatment. It's set to premiere tomorrow at 6pm exclusively on 106 & Park.

Lets hope that it's a big step up from that "Hot Sugar Mess" video she gave us last month. From the looks of things it will be. She looks a bit classy in the picture above! Come on Tamar!


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