TLC Dropped From Epic Records?

Word on the street is that TLC has been dropped from Epic Records. News comes as fans saw that the group's name is no longer listed on the roster via the label's website. Same thing on TLC's official website, Epic Records is no longer listed.

We can only believe that the move stems from the recent drama that erupted since the release of the "CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story" on VH1. L.A. Reid's ex-wife Perri "Pebbles" Reid was made out to be something that she's not and according to her, the movie was full of lies.
The duo was set to release a brand new TLC album next year under the guidance of L.A. Reid and Epic Records but it looks like it won't be happening. On the flip side, a fan tweeted Chilli about the situation and she responded.

If you ask me, she's mad! Lol! When I read it, it felt as if it came from a place of anger. Just because you haven't released an official statement doesn't mean that the story is untrue. Even still I think it's a bitch move. Why do these girls have to suffer because they told their story from their perspective.

How is it any different from testifying in court about something. It's how they saw it, it what the lived and believed. So they have every right to be apart of the Epic family and to record their new project. But since it's all said and done, hopefully a new label signs them because we know how LA roles...just look at Ciara.

She's still struggling thanks to L.A. Reid. So maybe they should go a different route with a different label and so should Ciara. What do you think? Did he have the right to drop them from the label? Share your thoughts and comment below.

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