The Skinny On Beyonce

Noticeably over the past few months, you've hardly seen any Beyonce post here because I've been frustrated with how she's been dragging me down the dusty road. So I've decided to give you a brief update on a few things I've been seeing and hearing over the weeks. The above photo is of the past but two "brand new" promo snaps, that were released today, you will find below. No one knows where they're from or what they're for.

She's been shooting music videos over the past year so we can conclude it's from one of those. Hell, knowing how she fools us, I wouldn't be surprised if the pictures are from her Destiny's Child days...moving along. She's supposed to have some type of major comeback on December 3rd, which is the day before Jay-Z's 69th birthday. Check out a few more of the promo pictures after the break.

Next on my list are these photos that surfaced online yesterday.

These were apparently snapped from another video shoot in New York. Can't you tell the cameras were rolling. See more photos below.

That was a $3,195 Burberry Metal Plate Vinyl Oxblood trench coat. Moving along, apparently "Crazy In Love", "That's How You Like It", "Bonnie & Clyde '03", "Deja Vu", "Hollywood", & "On The Run" aren't enough collaborations for the couple. According to producer Irv Gotti, the pair are about to "fuck up" the world with their new song "Drunk Love". Peep his tweets below.

So there's a new song and a new video coming. But we'll. I'm not gonna get excited about anything.  I'll save that for the birds. I've just been so tired of waiting and waiting for an official word. It's like, for me at least, the excitement is already gone. I was excited last year this time when she announced the super bowl performance.

Hell it's almost Super Bowl time again. Also, knowing that she extended her Mrs. Carter world tour makes me feel that nothing new will drop from her until the tour is over and done with. So, I'll keep you all sparingly updated with mum posts about that this good girl is up to. Lastly, Beyonce is helping Jay's Barney's collaboration by rocking his collection.

Looking good B. That's the skinny on Beyonce...for now. I just think when the time comes, it will be Beyonce overload. We will get so much thrown at us at once and we won't know how to act...all I know is that when she comes, she better come hard!

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