Nicki Minaj Talks New Album, Halloween Costume, K-Mart & More

Over the weekend, Nicki Minaj took to the stage in New York at the Powerhouse concert. After she performed her four tracks she hit up the backstage area and talked it up with the Breakfast Club crew form Power 105.1.

She was very "live" and "animated" while talking about a number of things from her working on her new album which is due out next year, to her selling millions of album worldwide. She also talked about her new clothing line at K-Mart and towards the end, things got kind of kinky and weird. Peep the interview below.

You know, I normally like watching interviews with Nicki, but this one I didn't really enjoy. It just seems as if she's starting to get full of herself. Like she's begninning to smell her own shit and goes crazy with it. But I guess it comes with the split personalities. She knows who and where she can act out. But as you can see in the interview, it turns on and off. She wouldn't dare appear on Ellen talking like that and stroking her own ego. Its rare for me to see, but when I do see it, I don't like it. Also I hate the fact that she can't stop touching her HAIR!!!

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