FRESH MUSIC | Lady Gaga - "Dope"

As a part of her promotion to release a new song every Monday until the release of her album "ARTPOP", she releases a new tune. Lady Gaga is known to have a ballad on every album and this era will be no different for her doing that.

The name of this song is called "Dope". The song was written by Gaga herself and is dedicated to her fans due to the cancellation of her Monster's Ball world tour. The original name of the song was called "I Wanna Be With You" but has since changed. Give it a listen below!

You know, I actually love this song! I'm a sucker for ballads and this one is just dope - literally. I love her raw emotion and te fact that she sounds like she's higher than the heaven while she was recording this song! Good job Gaga! You've slayed me for the first time! Your thoughts?


Check out her performance of "Dope" at the first ever Youtube Music Awards.

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