FRESH MUSIC | Kristal Lyndriette - "Silhouette"

Kristal Lyndriette, formerly known as simply Lyndriette from the girl group RichGirl, has returned to us with a brand new single. She was one of the leading singers from the group until they decided to part ways in 2011. Since then all the girls have been on their solo adventures. She released a song called "Addicted" shortly after the disbandment and nothing has been heard since.

Well, apparently, she'd been through a lot since then. She fell into a two year depression, questioning God about her life and her music career. We all know that prayers are eventually answered and singer Tyrese came to save the day. He signed her to his label Voltron Records and the two just released this brand new single called "Silhouette". Get into it below.

Every time I hear her sing, I always think of RichGirl. The song is pretty dope. I really don't like the fact that her new stage name is Kristal Lyndriette. I liked Lyndriette so much better. Lets hope that this new chapter will help her find the way she's been looking for. What do you think about the song?

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