FRESH MUSIC | Beyonce - "God Made You Beautiful"

Blue Ivy has yet another song for her, dedicated to her. The first being by her dad Jay-Z called "Glory". He featured her on the track making her the youngest person to ever be credited for vocals on a recording. Now, she has a track from her loving mom Beyonce.

The song is called "God Made You Beautiful" and it will come packaged as a free download with the purchase of her upcoming "Life Is But A Dream & Revel Live" DVD Combo. The track was also featured in the documentary itself when it aired back in February. Listen in below.

The song is beautiful. It's very "Beyonce". Every time I hear a slow song like this, it puts me in the mind of "If I Were A Boy". It's that same type of production but with more empowering lyrics. I also dislike the fact that the song is extra old. Blue Ivy is amost 9 years old and we're just now getting this song.

You know this was recorded shortly after the girl was born. This is just another way that Beyonce will shut up the fans that's complaining about her not releasing music. But not him. I will not settle for things of this nature. I want a single, I don't want some dusty track that's only being used to hold us over. No! No! MAm! Anyway what did you think sabout the song?

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