FRESH MUSIC | Ashanti - "I Got It" (feat. Rick Ross)

Written Entertainment's queen Ashanti is back at it with the release of a new single from her seriously tired, late and delayed album "BraveHeart". The singer has release so many songs that they could account for an entire album.

This song features Rick Ross and it's called "I Got It". It's defitnely one for the clubs. I was told that this song was featured on a random mixtape and the original version of this song featured Future. But it looks like a swich was made for Rosay. Listen in below.

This song is definitely one for the clubs. I can say that every song that she's released after "The Woman You Love" has been hit after hit. But like I said, she's released so many songs that they've could have made an album.

"The Woman You Love", "No One Greater", "That's What We Do", "Woman to Woman", "Never Should Have" and now "I Got It". That's an E.P. right there. Lets just see how many of these make the actual album when it comes out next year....oops, I mean IF it comes out next year.

Your thoughts?

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