FRESH MUSIC | Ariana Grande - "Love Is Everything"

The Christmas spirit is in the air and Ariana Grande is feeling it. The young singer is planning to release a Christmas E.P. called Christmas Kisses. It will feature four festive tracks. One we've heard called "Last Christmas" and this new one that you are about to hear called "Love is Everything".

The will also have an original song on it called "Snow In California" and a cover of the hit "Santa Baby". It's scheduled for release on Christmas Eve. Shortly after, it's rumored that her second album will hit stores in early February. Listen to the festiveness below.

She's starting to grow on me. She's still not Mariah Carey material, but she's a good one. I'll still consider her a one hit wonder and things of thar nature, but I can't over look music that sounds good to my ears. Espeically after her performance at the American Music Awards. Good Ariana! Whart do you think about the song?

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