FAILED SINGLES | The Mariah Carey Edition

Welcome to the "Failed Singles" edition of Dimp-Zone. In this new addition, we will take a look at artists who threw out music and hyped it up for the world to love but in turn backfired. You know those people.

First, we will take a look at miss Mariah Carey. Miss thang has had quite a few. She's had so many that this entire post will be about her. The next will have three different artists in it. So without further ado, lets take a looked at "Obsessed", "Triumphant" and "The Art of Letting Go" below.

Lets take a trip down memory lane shall we. This was circa 2009 and she was on the verge of releasing "Memiors of an Imperfect Angel" and this garbage was supposed to be the lead single. It was produced by The-Dream and apparantley this was during the time where Mariah Carey and Eminem were beefing with one another.

Each of them releasing diss tracks and taking shots. This was MC's answer. Clearly her, Dream and Tricky thought that this was going to be a hott song and a hott anthem but clearly they were wrong. The song and it's video was an utter failure. Yes, it did reach #7 on the Billboard Hot 100 but it wasn't because of the goodness of the song, it was the nature of it and why it was released.

It didn't enjoy that poisiton for too long because soon after it was deemed a "buzz" single and they pushed forward with thhe "Vision of Love" remake "I Want To Know What Love Is" which flopped all over the world.

Next, acting as an extra on the set of her own video comes that epic failure of the first comeback attempt with "Triumphant". We all can agree that this atrocious thing of a song fell harder than Beyonce did when she tumbled down the stairs. It was a rushed attempted to comeback after she was announced as an American Idol judge. Then tried to rush out a delivery date for her album which was supposed to come out in March 2014 at the time.

But after this song crashed and burned, we knew what time it was. It became yet another buzz single with wasted funds on a tacky video and a weaker than life performance on someone's roof top in New York for the NFL kickoff. Everything about this song was just awful. Even the damn cover for the song was not right. The picture was just as old as Methuselah...either that or it was photo-shopped really well.

Last on my list, is her latest effort..."The Art of Letting Go". Now, I know a lot of you lambs are just in love with this song. Why? I have the slightest clue because it is not all of that and a bag of chips. It also just grinds my gears when artists come up with excuses when the song isn't received well. Just a few hours after this song was released to the word, this diva took to the social media outlets and blamed to a hopeless engineer for uploading the wrong version of the song. She even went as far as belittling him saying that all he had to do was press a space bar to upload it.

First off....this is 2013. No one presses space bars to upload anything. Leave that shit in the 80's. Secondly, no matter what version of the song was uploaded the fact remains that the song isn't hot and it never will be. Try the art of letting that single go honey because it's already gone down the drain. Press rewind, and try again. It was released on Nov. 11th and has failed to crack the Hot 100. It's barely hanging on the R&B Charts.

There I said it!

You can begin bitching below...

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