Ciara Is DEFINITELY Pregnant! Don't Tell Me She's Not

She's popped! Over the past few weeks, rumors have began spreading that songbird Ciara is with child. After pictures of her surfaced on the net with a more rounder tummy than usual, fans began to question her. To add fuel to the first, she just recently announced her engagement to rapper Future who is the father of that baby. Ciara hasn't been directly asked if she was popped but her boo was questioned about it.

His response was "a rumor is just a rumor". That is a safe answer. No confirmation or denial....but I can see right through all that maybelene. She is pregnant and she is having a boy! Last night she was performing at Abu Dhabi’sBeats on the Beach” with Ludacris and these photos emerged show her stomach becoming more perky and plump each day. See the pictures below!

I mean, she can't hide it forever. That announcement will be coming soon. Just watch!

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