Azealia Banks Blames Pharrell For Failed "ATM Jam" Single

Here's yet another example of how an artist pins the blame on the producer for their failed single. Azealia Banks is cranking in the opponents as she already has quite the list. She also has a bad reputation for being a brat that can't own up to her mistakes. She's also an internet bully.

As you know, she released a single from her highly delayed debut album "Broke With Expensive Taste" and it flopped. The video was horrible, so horrible that Pharrell stayed far away from the production. The song itself is just plain, and boring....very lacking if you ask me.

So today, we will add Pharrell to the mix. Azealia claims that her single "ATM Jam" jammed and flopped because he bailed on her due to the success of "Blurred Lines" with Robin Thicke. She went on to call it a "lite skinned come back" also saying that "lite skinned niggas are funny". Peep the tweets below.

ALl I want to know is how in the blue hell is she upset with the man because her shit flopped? That's not his problem. Furthermore, she can't be mad because it sucked. A: she shouldn't havre recorded it and B: that video should have never EVER saw the light of day.

Own up to your own actions, leave Pharrell out of your floppage. He can't help it if he's being called over to the MTV VMA's to perform on stage or even being asked to get in the studio with Beyonce. If he's hot, then he's hot. Let his light skin shine!! LET it SHINE!!!

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