ASK DIMP | Should Beyonce Attend Kim Kardashain's Wedding?

Reader Robin writes,

Dimpster!  I like really love your blog...keep the updates coming. I have one simple question and of course it revolves around your girl Beyonce. You know that she has built this brand, a squeaky clean image and took on the role model title especially with Michelle O'Bama and her children backing her behind it. 
Jay-Z is her husband, and Kayne West a.k.a. the Jackass is his so called "best friend". Should Beyonce continue to associate herself with Kanye and Kim after all that has been going on? Should she even go to their wedding?  What do you think?

My response below....

Hello to you miss Robin and thanks for reading my blog. It means a lot. I won't beat around the bush, so I will cut straight to the meat.

NO! I don't think that Beyonce should go to their wedding. Simply because like you said, she built this brand, an empire if you will and being friends with Kim pretty much destroys everything that she ever did. All of the hard work, being independent, having a daughter, begin the perfect entertainer  will just be a mere waste of her time if she associates herself with Kim.

Granted, we have seen very FEW pictures of the two of them together. So we don't know what their relationship is like. Beyonce hasn't spoken on it, and I'm sure she probably never will. Kim said that they are good friends. I really hope not, because Kim is everything that Beyonce doesn't want to be. A whore, a porn star, a divorcee, and being famous for nothing.

From all that I know, Kim shot to fame thanks to Ray J hitting and recording himself tapping her pooty-tang. That's when I was introduced to Kim and the Kardashian family. A low down and dirty sex tape is what gave Kim her shine. She knows it, Kris Jenner knows it but they hate to admit it. She then had an on again off again relationship with Reggie Bush, had a sham of a marriage to Chris Humphrie, and is now engaged to one of the most weirdest people in the business.

All of that right there is exactly why Beyonce shouldn't attend the wedding. Hopefully she's on tour or something when they give the date, or she can say that Blue Ivy is sick or SOMETHING. Land a movie role, or anything, but I really don't want her to attend the wedding.

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