Nicki Minaj Pays Homage To Queen Latifah

On Tuesday, Nicki Minaj's appearance will air on The Queen Latifiah Show. In a snippet of the interview posted on Youtube, the two rappers praise one another. Queen Latifiah called it a full circle moment by saying she's interviewing a female rapper on a talk show that was started by a female rapper.

Then Nicki went on to say and pay her dues. She was there to promote her new K-Mart clothing line. I don't know if what she was wearing is a part of that line, but she looks good in it. Peep the snippet below and tune in Tuesday to check out the full interview.

“You’ve opened so many doors for me and so many other women,” she said. “And it’s insane because I always reference you when I talk about female rappers who’ve like kinda paved the way in terms of a businesswoman and mogul and just all around entertainer, and to be sitting here doing your show is just a great moment for hip-hop.”

Now, I don't think that I've EVER heard the name Queen Latifiah come out of Nicki's mouth....Maybe it's just me, but this didn't seem genuine...but I still love her.

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