NEW VIDEO | Tamar Braxton - "Hot Sugar"

Well shit, I just asked for it and it just premiered. The long awaited visual for Tamar Braxton's song "Hot Sugar" is here. It's featured on the album "Love and War" which debuted at #1 on the R&B Charts. If you watch her show "Tamar & Vince" you hear her whine about releasing this song and what not.

Well it has been released and got the video treatment. She gets her dance on and whips that pony tail like no other. She pops it and thumps it all while dancing with a group of flamboyant men. Check out the visual after the break.

You know, I love the song, but not feeling the video. For one, I don't like the concept...simply put there isn't one. Secondly, I feel that the dancers should have been all women. When I think of "Hot Sugar", to be frank, I think of a woman's vagina. Men don't have vaginas, therefore they should not be poppin anything. At least she looked good thought. #Fail #SheTriedIt #NeverAgain. What do you think of the clip?

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