NEW VIDEO | Sevyn Streeter - "It Won't Stop" (feat. Chris Brown)

Sevyn Streeter has dropped the video for her latest single "It Won't Stop". But when we heard it the first time around, it didn't feature Chris Brown. But this version and the video does. He wasn't needed on the track because it was just as good without him. But whatever. He directed the video for her. At first glance, it looks like he wasn't going to appear in the clip but he does and he stays in the background and let Sevyn do her thing.

The clip also puts my in the mind of Aaliyah's rock the boat video. You'll see the scenes. Lastly, she is dropping an E.P. instead of an album and it will be released digitally on November 5. Will it be free? I don't know as of yet, but if not you better go support ya girl. Anyway it will be titled "Call Me Crazy, But..." and will feature "I Like It" this song. Check out the visual below.

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