NEW VIDEO | Rihanna - "Pour It Up"

Finally! When the government decides to shut down, Rihanna decides it's time to release her soft core porn video for "Pour It Up". The long awaited clip finally debuted today after months and months of delays. The track is lifted from her latest album "Unapologetic" and serves as the third single.

The video was co-directed by Riri herself and one can tell. It's nothing that I expected, it lacked direction and clearly didn't have a vision. It simply looked tacky and was all over the place. Watching the random girl twerk looked like she went down someone's sewer drain. Even Rihanna's twerk was dry. Peep the clip below.

This video had ALL of the potential in the world to be a hot heavy hitter...but clearly it's not. It just didn't give me life. It's bland, and plain boring. Not to mention low budget. This is not what I had in mind. She should have let the origianal director do his job. I bet any kind of money his vision was simply HOT!! I'm sure it was waaaaaaaay better than this non sense.

How dare she even call this a video! It should've stayed on someone's hard drive. Mainly because the hype for the single has been died down. It was getting all kinds of radio play and spins across urban radio. But not so much now. The hype has died down. My best friend and I were talking about how this song could top the charts based on how many Youtube views it gets....I highly doubt this hott mess of a video get anymore attention than it's already gotten. What do you think about the video? Comment and share your thoughts below.

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