NEW VIDEO | Keyshia Cole - "I Choose You"

It's been nearly a year since Keyshia Cole released her album "Woman to Woman" which I absolutely loved. She's only released two singles along with videos for them up until now. The powerful ballad "I Choose You" received the single and video treatment.

After what seemed to be forever, she's finally making headlines with music news and not drama with Destiny's Child members. She's also been in the news about her now rocky relationship with her husband and they're on the verge of divorce, but that's another story. Peep the black and white visual below.

She's pretty, the video was nice. The song, I still don't really care for. A lot of people raved about it but not me. She has so many other songs that could have been released. I thought the Ashanti assisted "Woman to Woman" was going to be released, but I guess not. I also love "Signature", "Wonderland" and "Hey Sexy".

The video was cute though. The black and white really brought out the essence of the song. It's good to see that she's still pushing the album. I can't and won't knock her hustle! What do you think about the video? Comment and share your thoughts below!

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