NEW VIDEO | Ariana Grande - "Right There" (feat. Big Sean)

This video is a day short and an hour late. Ariana Grande, who made a little noise over the Summer just released the video for her single "Right There" which features Big Sean. There was a lot of hoopla over this little girl, but it has all since died down, like I said it would.

People called her the new Mariah, I called her a one hit wonder, because her one and only top 10 hit will always and forever be "The Way"...and there's nothing else i can say, eh eh. Anyway, check out her Romeo & Juliet inspired video for the song after the break. Tell me if it's hot or not.

Someone had to have told her that she looked awesome with a fan in her hand, because that thing was glued to her throughout the video...fanning her little face! She just seems so, teenager like to me and I don't like it or her for that matter. But as for the video, it was cute for her. Typical, but cute. She's just a bit annoying.

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