Lady Gaga Releases Cover Art For The R. Kelly Assisted "Do What You Want"

To help juice up her promo campaign for the ever flopping era of "ARTPOP", Lady Gaga turns to sex...simply because it sells. This past week, retail giant Best Buy released a new commercial for the newly designed Beats by Dre headphones and it features a snippet of this song called "Do What You Want".

It features non other than R. Kelly and it will be featured on the upcoming album. The track will hit iTunes on Monday as she plans on releasing a new jam every week up until the release of the album. The artwork is clearly racy and from the looks of the title, it fits the song. Listen to a repeat snippet of the song below.

Is it me, or does it sound like a sex song over a Christmas/Holiday like production? It's very festive and I think I like it. It kind of takes me back to her "Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)" days. As for the cover art, clearly I like it. It's very ratchet! Oh, here's the cool Best Buy commercial.

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