FRESH MUSIC | Lady Gaga - "Venus"

There's no doubt in my mind that this will be Lady Gaga's most unsuccessful album era to date. "ARTPOP" will be total floppage but she doesn't believe it..She's continuing onn with reelase a new song every Monday from the album. Last week it was "Do What You Want" and it features R. Kelly, which was met with so many positive reviews that she's made it the official second single. It replaced what you are about to hear below.

This song is called "Venus". She released three different covers for the single in an attempt to help it succeed more. But had she released this mess as the second single, I would have been utterly through with her and her pop of art. This song is too reminiscent of "Applause" which I do not like. But listen to "Venus" below and watch how you shake your head just as hard as I did. Below are also three other versions of the cover art for the song.

I mean, this won't make any noise just like "Applause" didn't. People loved "Do What You Want" because it was different. It was actually something that people would love to see her do. The song was a pop tune. This non-sense...I mean, it's music but ain't nobody gonna be going strong to this on the radios or in the clubs. It just won't happen. Just like "Applause" didn't happen. "Venus" will be b=met with underwhelming responses and will not shoot to the top of iTunes like the last song did....because it was actually good. What do you think of the song?

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