FRESH MUSIC | Lady Gaga - "Do What You Want" (feat. R. Kelly)

As promised, today is Monday and it begins Lady Gaga's promotional reign to release a new song every week until her new album "ARTPOP" drops on November 11th. The name of this single is called "Do What You Want" and it features the pied piper R. Kelly.

The song made it's promotional debut in a new Best Buy commercial last week and fans went wild. The song is currently #1 on iTunes so that should give it a strong debut on next week's Billboard Charts. It's a good listen. Check it out below.

Do what you want with my body....I can dig it.I love the different elements of the production. Gaga's part is just so rough and rifty and her voice is just powerful and gritty. Kelly's part is more softer than her's. But we know his voice has nothing but power behind it. But I can definitely dig it. This is 10 times better than "Applause" which is why it as at the #1 spot on iTunes. Get it Gaga!

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