Britney Spears Does Alan Carr's "Chatty Man"

You better work bitch! Britney Spears paid a visit to Chatty Man while visiting the London this past week. She was there to promote her new single "Work Bitch"...which was the center topic of the sit down. She also briefly talked about the new album "Britney Jean" which is due out December 4th. Though it was kind of lacking due to her reserved persona.

Alan Carr is funny, witty and just down right vulgar and he did all he could to try and bring it out of Britney but it wasn't happening. He poured her a drink, she took one sip, she gave fake and phony laughs throughout the sit down and she looked uncomfortable, even in the picture above she looks like she's forcing a smile. Check it out below.

She loosened up a bit for the second part...

It almost makes me feel that Adrienne Bailon was right when she spoke about Britney on "The Real". She pretty much said that she can't hold conversations...and clearly she can't.

I can see it!

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