Beyonce Reveals New Documentry & Concert DVD, But No New Album

Beyonce is doing two things that she does best. One, is she's stringing her fans along a tumultuous ride with growing anxiety of a new album release. The other thing is that she's using the warm holidays to drop yet another DVD and Blu-Ray masterpiece.

On November 25th, fans will be able to get their hands on her "Life Is But A Dream" documentary as well as a two hour concert of her Atlantic City Revel Resort last year. They both will be packed with behind the scene footage  and exclusives that weren't shown on T.V.

Fans will also get an exclusive download of a new song that was heard when on the HBO documentary premiered. It's called "God Made You Beautiful". There is a preview of the song within the trailer. Check out the official trailer after the break.

I'm talking all this bull, but I know that my ass will be buying the DVD....or Blu-Ray. I'm a sucker! i'm just over her stringing me along for the past year. I've been clinging and hoping. I chose not to post anyhting else about new music unless it's from her. I didn't post about the video shoots, the fans and dancers instagraming and tweeting that the new music is hot and what not.

Over the year we got "Grown Woman", "Dancing On The Sun" and I'm still waiting on that track to OFFICIALLY hit the web because it still hasn't. She's been featured on other albums and touring and all this other non-sense, but hasn't announced anything of her own just yet. I'm waiting on B to make her move, then she will get my love again.

I don't even feel right by posting the December 4th non-sense that's been going around. I'll just continue to play the waiting game.

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