Azealia Banks is STILL Trying With This "ATM Jam"

Girl....Azealia Banks still trying to make this song hot, but it never will be. Not even the video could save this lackluster "ATM Jam". This is one of the singles lifted from her highly delayed album "Broke With Expensive Taste" which has been getting pushed back since Harriet Tubman freed the slaves.

The video was directed by Rony Alwin and supposedly, it channels the anime cartoon "Sailor Moon"....she called her "Sailor Goon". The song features Pharrell but he knew better not to show his face in such a terrible video. But whatever, check it out below.

She just looked like she was not interested in doing the video. I've seen her other videos and she looked more relaxed, comfortable and into it. But this video was just as stiff as Mariah Carey is on stage when she performs. It didn't leave me wanting to see anything more. I actually fast forwarded through the video because I began to die from boredom... at least the colors were nice....

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