ASK DIMP | Do You Think Miley Cyrus Is Putting On A "Ratchet" Show For Us?

Tim Writes,

Wassup Dimp-Zooone! I love your site and I'm seeing frequent posts about Miley Cyrus so I will assume that you either like her or the music that she is doing now. My question to you is do you think that it's real or is it an act? She did come from the Disney channel and we all know how they turn out. None of them turned out like this though. 
She's become a hot ratchet ass mess and I think she's doing it for show. I don't think it's the real her. I think that her life was that of Hanna Montana and now she's gone buck wild just to make a few dollars and stay in people's mouths. She wants the attention and it's working in her favor. How long will it last though? This era will come and go, her next album will be country as shit! Watch and see.

My response below...

Yo Tim! Thanks for reading and thanks for writing. It's funny that you ask this because I think about it all the time. Me personally, I NEVER EVER liked Hannah Montana. I felt like THAT was an act of it's own. She was just too lovable and I just felt that it wasn't her. Back then, she was putting on a show for the American girls and made Disney a ton of money while doing so. It wasn't who she was.

I think that back then, she never really got to do much. As a kid, all she did was work work work and no play. So I think it was safe to assume that when she got old enough she was going to be "buck wild". The world saw it coming. First she was 16 and had a 22 year old boyfriend living with her. Then she had spats with the paparazzi and all kinds of stuff. It was a no brainer that she was going to grow up and turn up!

Now that she's discovered twerking, well let me take that back, because according to her, she's been twerking for years...but since it was made public, she's taken it to a new level. She likes twerking, she likes hip-hop music, she likes black guys...does that make her ratchet, no I don't think so. I just think she is being who she is at the moment.

So to answer your question, no, I don't think that she's putting on a show. This is her right now. She's only 20 years old. She's still technically a teenager! She has her WHOLE life ahead of her. Maybe she will put out a country album next time around because maybe then she will be in a country mood. But as of right now, Miley is about that LIFE and I'm riding for her! TWERK MILEY TWERK!!!!

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