Beyonce Reveals New Documentry & Concert DVD, But No New Album

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Beyonce is doing two things that she does best. One, is she's stringing her fans along a tumultuous ride with growing anxiety of a new album release. The other thing is that she's using the warm holidays to drop yet another DVD and Blu-Ray masterpiece.

On November 25th, fans will be able to get their hands on her "Life Is But A Dream" documentary as well as a two hour concert of her Atlantic City Revel Resort last year. They both will be packed with behind the scene footage  and exclusives that weren't shown on T.V.

Fans will also get an exclusive download of a new song that was heard when on the HBO documentary premiered. It's called "God Made You Beautiful". There is a preview of the song within the trailer. Check out the official trailer after the break.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN | Celebrity Edition

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Here are a few of your favorites getting into the Halloween spirit!

Pebbles Breaks Silence About TLC Biopic; Threatens Legal Action

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Just about two weeks ago, VH1 and TLC shook up the music world after they released "CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story" for all of the world to see. We saw what happened with the groups rise and fall through the eyes of Rozanda "Chilli" Thomas and Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins.

Left Eye was also portrayed from their perspective, and so was Perri "Pebbles" Reid who was not too pleased. She has been slammed by fans on the social networking sites and even had her daughter come to her defense by sending out a threat to Chilli.

The former singer and record executive released an open letter informing the media and VH1 staff about how she felt and what was to come. She feels that she's a victim of defamation. She released the statement on her official website. Peep her letter below!

NEW VIDEO | Ariana Grande - "Right There" (feat. Big Sean)

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This video is a day short and an hour late. Ariana Grande, who made a little noise over the Summer just released the video for her single "Right There" which features Big Sean. There was a lot of hoopla over this little girl, but it has all since died down, like I said it would.

People called her the new Mariah, I called her a one hit wonder, because her one and only top 10 hit will always and forever be "The Way"...and there's nothing else i can say, eh eh. Anyway, check out her Romeo & Juliet inspired video for the song after the break. Tell me if it's hot or not.

Leona Lewis Reveals "One More Sleep" Artwork

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"One More Sleep" is the new single from Leona Lewis lifted from her upcoming Christmas album called "Christmas, With Love". The track saw a release last week and today, she unwrapped the official cover art for the single.

The song is festive and so is he artwork! If you haven't heard the tune yet give it a spin here!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN | Random Timeline Photos

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Happy Halloween everyone!! I hope you're having a fun and safe night! If you are inside like me with nothing to do, lets check out a few costumes that have surfaced in my world! Peep them below!

"The Real" Gets Picked Up For Fall 2014 Launch

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Congratulations are due for the  women of The Real. Tamar Braxton, Tamera Mowry-Housley, Lonni Love, Adrienne Bailon and Jeannie Mai are all hosts of the show which receive a test trial this past summer in July. It is not being picked up by Fox for a reportedly 2 year run on the network.

To further reach audiences, they've not only struck a deal with FOX but with BET as well so the ladies will be more exposed than ever. The will run and test the ratings with the big dawgs and this means that we will see that lades on a daily basis. Peep the deets below.

Kelly Rowland Does Jimmy Kimmel; Talks X-Factor & More

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Kelly Rowland took time out of her schedule to drop by Jimmy Kimmel and promote her latest endeavor which is X-Factor. It seems as if the album "Talk A Good Game" has fell to it's death and she's no longer promoting it....who knows. But what I do know is that this woman has nothing but personality.

I love watching her interviews, especially this one. She was keeping it all kinds of real and just simply having a grand ol' time cracking the jokes on people. She even had the audience going for a little bit. Peep the two part interview clips below.

WATCH | Love & Hip-Hop New York: Season 4 Premiere

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Last night, VH1 premiered the newest season of Love & Hip-Hop New York. Just in case you missed it, check it out here!

WATCH | The Walking Dead: Season 4, Episode 3

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Sunday's episode of "The Walking Dead" was one to remember. It introduced us to an undercover bad ass, a soft guy gone tough and one of the long time surviving crew members suffering from the airborne sickness. Get into the latest episode below!

FRESH MUSIC | Lady Gaga - "Venus"

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There's no doubt in my mind that this will be Lady Gaga's most unsuccessful album era to date. "ARTPOP" will be total floppage but she doesn't believe it..She's continuing onn with reelase a new song every Monday from the album. Last week it was "Do What You Want" and it features R. Kelly, which was met with so many positive reviews that she's made it the official second single. It replaced what you are about to hear below.

This song is called "Venus". She released three different covers for the single in an attempt to help it succeed more. But had she released this mess as the second single, I would have been utterly through with her and her pop of art. This song is too reminiscent of "Applause" which I do not like. But listen to "Venus" below and watch how you shake your head just as hard as I did. Below are also three other versions of the cover art for the song.

FRESH MUSIC | Leona Lewis - "One More Sleep"

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It may only be October, but in the music world, it's when the Christmas music and album roll their way out.
Songbird Leona Lewis is yet another music diva who's releasing a full fledged holiday album this year called "Christmas, With Love".

Sadly, it will only see a U.K. release in stores but will be available digitally worldwide on December 2nd. The first single was released today. The festive tune is called "One More Sleep" and it's just a very bubbly holiday jam. Check it out below.

WATCH | The Conjuring

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It's the month of October and Halloween is right around the corner. I got this special request to post this move and I'm doing so just for you Renee! The Conjuring was supposedly one of the scariest movies of 2013 and was said to have sent people home with guns and sleeping with knives.

I went to see it in theaters with my bff Miche and well.....I won't spoil anything. If you plan on watching it, make sure all of your lights are off and keep the room door open. When you do, you will see strange things out the corners of your eyes. Don't believe me juuhh wattch!

WATCH | "CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story"

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Here it is, the moment you've been waiting for. The biopic "CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story" premiered on VH1 just about an hour ago and if you missed it, watch it right here. The film stars Keke Palmer, Drew Sidora and Lil Mama as they portray the trio Chilli, T-Boz and Left Eye.

See their story, from the groups perspective after the break.


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Azealia Banks is STILL Trying With This "ATM Jam"

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Girl....Azealia Banks still trying to make this song hot, but it never will be. Not even the video could save this lackluster "ATM Jam". This is one of the singles lifted from her highly delayed album "Broke With Expensive Taste" which has been getting pushed back since Harriet Tubman freed the slaves.

The video was directed by Rony Alwin and supposedly, it channels the anime cartoon "Sailor Moon"....she called her "Sailor Goon". The song features Pharrell but he knew better not to show his face in such a terrible video. But whatever, check it out below.

Chilli Reveals That Usher's "Confessions" Album Was NOT About Her

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With a new TLC album in the works, a new greats hits compilation, "20", is in stores and a new biopic "CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story" airing exclusively on VH1 tonight, the surviving members are doing it big. Chilli recently sat down with US Weekly and dished on her past love life with Usher.

Nearly 10 years later, she revealed that his 2004 album "Confessions" was not about her and that she will always love him. She referred to him as her first adult love. She said that the timing of their breakup and the release of the album was coincidental and people went with it. Check out a few excerpts below.

FRESH MUSIC | Lady Gaga - "Do What You Want" (feat. R. Kelly)

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As promised, today is Monday and it begins Lady Gaga's promotional reign to release a new song every week until her new album "ARTPOP" drops on November 11th. The name of this single is called "Do What You Want" and it features the pied piper R. Kelly.

The song made it's promotional debut in a new Best Buy commercial last week and fans went wild. The song is currently #1 on iTunes so that should give it a strong debut on next week's Billboard Charts. It's a good listen. Check it out below.

WATCH | The Walking Dead; Season 4, Episode 2

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Yesterday, AMC's The Walking Dead returned with a new episode. I won't spoil anything but get into it below!

Nicki Minaj Pays Homage To Queen Latifah

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On Tuesday, Nicki Minaj's appearance will air on The Queen Latifiah Show. In a snippet of the interview posted on Youtube, the two rappers praise one another. Queen Latifiah called it a full circle moment by saying she's interviewing a female rapper on a talk show that was started by a female rapper.

Then Nicki went on to say and pay her dues. She was there to promote her new K-Mart clothing line. I don't know if what she was wearing is a part of that line, but she looks good in it. Peep the snippet below and tune in Tuesday to check out the full interview.

Britney Spears Does Alan Carr's "Chatty Man"

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You better work bitch! Britney Spears paid a visit to Chatty Man while visiting the London this past week. She was there to promote her new single "Work Bitch"...which was the center topic of the sit down. She also briefly talked about the new album "Britney Jean" which is due out December 4th. Though it was kind of lacking due to her reserved persona.

Alan Carr is funny, witty and just down right vulgar and he did all he could to try and bring it out of Britney but it wasn't happening. He poured her a drink, she took one sip, she gave fake and phony laughs throughout the sit down and she looked uncomfortable, even in the picture above she looks like she's forcing a smile. Check it out below.

Lady Gaga Releases Cover Art For The R. Kelly Assisted "Do What You Want"

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To help juice up her promo campaign for the ever flopping era of "ARTPOP", Lady Gaga turns to sex...simply because it sells. This past week, retail giant Best Buy released a new commercial for the newly designed Beats by Dre headphones and it features a snippet of this song called "Do What You Want".

It features non other than R. Kelly and it will be featured on the upcoming album. The track will hit iTunes on Monday as she plans on releasing a new jam every week up until the release of the album. The artwork is clearly racy and from the looks of the title, it fits the song. Listen to a repeat snippet of the song below.

Ciara Pregnant?

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Word on the street is that Ciara is knocked up! Rumors began spreading after these photos hit the net of the singer performing at the 9th Annual Paper Magazine Nightlife Awards. She sang and danced with a plaid shirt tied underneath her belly.

In one of the pictures below, you can see a pudgy  tummy area as it's starting to look full and tight. This will be, from what I know, the second child for rapper Future and the first for Ciara. Maybe a baby is what she needs to help revive this career....or it could even put an end to it! Who knows. Peep a few pics below from Sandra Rose.


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WATCH | Scandal: Season 3, Episode 3

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Here you go Scandal fans! Tonight's episode is up and ready for your viewing pleasure!

TLC, Keke Palmer, Drew Sidora & Lil Mama Does Wendy

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The surviving members of TLC hit up the Wendy Show. T-Boz and Chilli stopped by to talk about and promote their new album "20" as well as the up and coming one which will be released next year. They talked about new music and producers that they're working with.

The ladies also talked about the highly anticipated biopic "CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story" which will air on VH1 this coming Monday night. Then they were joined by the actresses that portrayed them Keke Palmer, Drew Sidora and Lil Mama. Check out the interview below.

NEW VIDEO | Tamar Braxton - "Hot Sugar"

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Well shit, I just asked for it and it just premiered. The long awaited visual for Tamar Braxton's song "Hot Sugar" is here. It's featured on the album "Love and War" which debuted at #1 on the R&B Charts. If you watch her show "Tamar & Vince" you hear her whine about releasing this song and what not.

Well it has been released and got the video treatment. She gets her dance on and whips that pony tail like no other. She pops it and thumps it all while dancing with a group of flamboyant men. Check out the visual after the break.

Tamar Braxton Performs on the Arsenio Show

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With her new Christmas album on they way and the current "Love & War" album still sitting strong on the charts, Tamar Braxton is still promoting it heavily. Even though she is suffering from a serious vocal injury with busted blood vessels, she still sang and stretched them chords.

She took to the stage of the Arsenio Show and performed her single "All the Way Home". You could clearly hear that there's something going on with her voice as she held back by not delivering the strong and powerful notes you heard on the actual album....but all in all, it was decent. Check it out below.

WATCH | The Walking Dead: Season 4, Episode 1

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Yesterday saw the premiere of AMC's The Walking Dead. If you missed it watch it right here!

NEW VIDEO | Sevyn Streeter - "It Won't Stop" (feat. Chris Brown)

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Sevyn Streeter has dropped the video for her latest single "It Won't Stop". But when we heard it the first time around, it didn't feature Chris Brown. But this version and the video does. He wasn't needed on the track because it was just as good without him. But whatever. He directed the video for her. At first glance, it looks like he wasn't going to appear in the clip but he does and he stays in the background and let Sevyn do her thing.

The clip also puts my in the mind of Aaliyah's rock the boat video. You'll see the scenes. Lastly, she is dropping an E.P. instead of an album and it will be released digitally on November 5. Will it be free? I don't know as of yet, but if not you better go support ya girl. Anyway it will be titled "Call Me Crazy, But..." and will feature "I Like It" this song. Check out the visual below.

WATCH | Scandal: Season 3, Episode 2

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If you missed last night's episode of Scandal. Peep it right here!!

PHOTO OF THE DAY | Justin Bieber Gets Ripped

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This looks so fake to me.....but it was on his Instagram.

Tamar Braxton Reveals "Winter Loverland" Cover & Tracklisting

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If you haven't gotten enough of her musically, then be ready because on November 11, Tamar Branxton is giving you a full length Christmas album. It's called "Winter Loverland" and it will consist of  10 tracks, some of which are covers for classics like "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" & "Santa Baby".

A few tracks are originally birthed by Tamar and her team like "She Can Have You" and "No Gift". The singer will compete with her bff Lady Gaga as her album "ARTPOP" drops on the same day. Also she will encounter Mary J Blige who's also releasing a Christmas LP this month. Peep the track listing below.

Lady Gaga Reveals The Worst Album Cover EVER For "ARTPOP"

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I'm sorry but this shit is a HOT ASS MESS!!! That's all I will say about it! Lady Gaga's "ARTPOP" is due out November 11th..................................#flop!

NEW VIDEO | Paris Hilton - "Good Time" (feat. Lil Wayne)

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It's only been a few short months since Paris Hilton inked a deal with Young Money / Cash Money Records but it's not stopping her from getting busy with her first offering from her upcoming album. The name of this tune is called "Good Time" and it features Lil Wayne.

The electro-pop track has her name written all over it and so does the video for that matter. She takes the center of attention at a massive pool party while modeling off her fabulous body in skimpy bikinis. Check out the Hannah Lux Davis directed video below.

FRESH MUSIC | TLC - "Meant to Be"

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The release of their Greatest Hits album "20" is on the horizon along with the VH1 biopic "CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story" which premieres October 21. This serves as the theme song for the flick and it's called "Meant to Be". It's the first single from the album.

The song was penned by Ne-Yo and you can also hear him in the track singing along to the chorus. The song helps celebrate the group's 20 year long run in the industry and has a classic TLC feel to it. Left Eye isn't featured in it but I can't help but feel a dedication to her in it. Listen to it below.

WATCH | Tamar & Vince: Season 2, Episodes 3, 4, & 5

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I've been slacking on Tamar & Vince. Below you will find the latest 3 episodes. The newest one airing this coming Thursday night! Check them out below!

Still No Album From Beyonce, Instead We Get A 2014 Calender

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As of right now, I'm over the album trailing. My excitement is long gone, until she says something about the project. She's been stringing me on for a whole damn year and I'm over it. So instead of her announcing an album for 2014, she's giving us a 12-month calender.

That's right, if you wish to have this woman hanging in your office or cubical, you can now do so with an official 2014 Beyonce calender. It is only $15 and can be purchased online right now, and it will officially hit stores on October 15th. Check out some shots below!

WATCH | Scandal: Season 3, Episode 1

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In case you missed last weeks epic premiere of Scandal, you can watch it here....going forward!! Get in to your favorite show staring Kerry Washington below.

FRESH MUSIC | Justin Bieber - "Heartbreaker"

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#MusicMondays are among us as Justin Bieber kicks off the release series with a new song called "Heartbreaker". For the next 10 weeks, he plans to release a song or "journal entry" every Monday which will lead up to the release of his new movie "Believe".

This track was produced by Maejor Ali, T-Minus, and Chef Tone. It shows off a more vulnerable side of Justin. It's a slow and mellow jam. It kind of has a Justin Timberlake feel to it, but it works in his favor. Also the cover looks strikingly similar to Kanye's "808's & Heartbreaks". Below he explains the track and you can give it a spin.

Miley Cyrus Gets Raunchier With New Photo Shoot (NSFW)

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Miss Miley Cyrus.....I don't know where to begin with the pics you are about to see. This girl lets it all hang out in a new photo shoot with Terry Richardson. We see her topless, in a very revealing bathing suit and her parading around with the ever popular drink Arizona.

The photos and her recent antics are not a reflection of her album...which is far from raunchy and ratchet. The album "Bangerz" is due out in stores Oct. 8 and is preceded by the singles "We Can't Stop" and her #1 hit "Wrecking Ball". Check out the NSFW photos below.


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FRESH MUSIC | Jennifair - "Temptation"

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Here's another one. Jennifair is giving us songs left and right. A few days ago the Mogul Media Records starlet dropped "Paranoia Consumes" and today she released the Drum Mage produced track "Temptation". She wants you, need you and gotta have you.

The track is lifted from her upcoming EP "S.I.N.S." which is short for "Sorry I'm Not Sorry". It's due out later this year so be on the look out. Give the track a spin below.

NEW VIDEO | Keyshia Cole - "I Choose You"

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It's been nearly a year since Keyshia Cole released her album "Woman to Woman" which I absolutely loved. She's only released two singles along with videos for them up until now. The powerful ballad "I Choose You" received the single and video treatment.

After what seemed to be forever, she's finally making headlines with music news and not drama with Destiny's Child members. She's also been in the news about her now rocky relationship with her husband and they're on the verge of divorce, but that's another story. Peep the black and white visual below.

NEW VIDEO | Rihanna - "Pour It Up"

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Finally! When the government decides to shut down, Rihanna decides it's time to release her soft core porn video for "Pour It Up". The long awaited clip finally debuted today after months and months of delays. The track is lifted from her latest album "Unapologetic" and serves as the third single.

The video was co-directed by Riri herself and one can tell. It's nothing that I expected, it lacked direction and clearly didn't have a vision. It simply looked tacky and was all over the place. Watching the random girl twerk looked like she went down someone's sewer drain. Even Rihanna's twerk was dry. Peep the clip below.

NEW VIDEO | Britney Spears - "Work Bitch"

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Britney Spears just premiered the video for her new single "Work Bitch" and when I tell you she's hotter than ever, I mean just that. She took it back to the "Toxic" days with a killer body and some top notch choreography. The video was shot a few weeks ago and directed by Ben Mor.

She definitely put in work. The single is in support of her new Las Vegas Residency called "Piece of Me".It all begins Friday December 27th and will run through the end of February. If you wish to reserve seats and buy tickets you can do so right here. Check out the video after the break!

Jay-Z Talks Beyonce's Fake Pregnancy Rumors, Blue Ivy & More With Vanity Fair

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Jay-Z dazzles in a white blazer as he covers the November issue of Vanity Fair magazine. The rapper sits and speaks very candidly about his life as a husband and father. He spoke about how Blue Ivy loves listening to his "Magna Carta Holy Grail" album.

He also said that she watches Beyonce's concerts every night on the computer. He was questioned about the fake pregnancy rumors and how it made him feel, he touched on how he nabbed Beyonce over 10 years ago Obama and a lot more. Check it out below.

ASK DIMP | Do You Think Miley Cyrus Is Putting On A "Ratchet" Show For Us?

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Tim Writes,

Wassup Dimp-Zooone! I love your site and I'm seeing frequent posts about Miley Cyrus so I will assume that you either like her or the music that she is doing now. My question to you is do you think that it's real or is it an act? She did come from the Disney channel and we all know how they turn out. None of them turned out like this though. 
She's become a hot ratchet ass mess and I think she's doing it for show. I don't think it's the real her. I think that her life was that of Hanna Montana and now she's gone buck wild just to make a few dollars and stay in people's mouths. She wants the attention and it's working in her favor. How long will it last though? This era will come and go, her next album will be country as shit! Watch and see.

My response below...

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