WATCH | R&B Divas LA: Season 1, Reunion (Part II)

Your favorite divas from the R&B world returned last night for part II of their reunion special. Michel'e, Kelly Price, Lil Moe, Claudette Ortiz and Chante Moore all joined Wendy Williams for a sit down to recap all of the events and shady ways  from the season. Everyone except for Dawn Robinson, and we now know why she didn't attend.

Also, Fred joined to give his two cents about the showdown he endured with Kelly. But it looks as if more of the dirty laundry is aired, more feelings are dealt with and the ladies some what make amends. At the very very end, Wendy popped the question asking would the ladies be up for a second season, everyone said yes except for who...? Watch below and find out.

Well, this was epic. Thanks for watching with me and I will see you all next season!!

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