WATCH | "The Curse of Chucky" [FULL MOVIE]

America's favorite hell raiser is back with a new flick. Chucky returns with a straight to DVD and Blu-Ray release of "The Curse of Chucky". It is also known around the world as "Child's Play 6". The franchise took a step back from comedy to bring on the horror.

The film stars Brad Dourif, Fiona DourifDanielle BisuttA MartinezBrennan Elliott and Chantal Quesnelle. It centers around a family receiving a mysterious package, not knowing who sent it or why. But later on in the flick secrets start to pour out which intertwines with the very first 1988 Chucky film.We also see the return of a few familiar faces! If you're looking for a scare tonight, get into it below!

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