R&B Divas LA Cover "Kontrol" Magazine + The Real Reason Dawn Robinson Didn't Do The Reunion

During the season of the show, we saw a few of the R&B Divas take part in a photo shoot. Lil Mo, Chante Moore and Claudette Ortiz did a shoot of Kontrol magazine and landed on the cover. Michel'e was absent during the taping of this and Kelly Price along with Dawn Robinson were in their own world.

A few days ago the reunion for the show aired and was hosted by Wendy Williams. Dawn was not in attendance and many believed it was due to the way the producers did the show and she didn't want to be apart of the drama because it's not what she signed up for.

Well apparently that isn't quite true. Her ex husband, who she claimed was very abusive to her during their relationship threatened to sue the star for defamation of character. Throughout the show she claimed to be physically and emotionally abused by her ex and as a result he lost out on business endeavors. So he got producers to remove her from the show and the reunion. Peep the story below.
After the dirty laundry aired about their relationship, ex-husband Andre sent this statement to the media..

“I wanted to personally inform you and the media that I am suing Thinkfactory, TV One, Dawn Robinson, Phil Thornton, and anyone else that has ANYTHING to do with mentioning DAWN’S EX HUSBAND out of their mouth having 3 kids outside of the marriage and beating her. 
[They] should have done [their] homework. Dawn was the only individual arrested for domestic violence while we were married. And it would be IMPOSSIBLE for my 20, 17, 4 and 2 year olds to have been born during a 5 year marriage that ended 6 years ago. 
Two of my clients brought up concerns after watching [the show R&B Divas] and my company nets over $3mil a year collectively from both. DAMAGES! And [they] slandered a man with AMPLE resources so expect a good fight.”

After producers pulled Dawn from the show, (which would explain a lot of her absensces and the reunion, he released this statement...

While I WAS taking legal action against Comcast, TV One, and the producers of R & B Divas LA, I had time to view the entire season and have decided against it. While my case was certain everything is not always about money.  
The conduct I witnessed on the show merely discredited the allegations against me and towards the end of the season after I brought up my concerns to the producers by email, certain actions took place and the offending party was removed from the show and the taping of the reunion show.
I feel properly vindicated enough to rethink my filing of the lawsuit and move on with my life. I hope my ex wife is able to move on and find happiness without the need to ever slander me again and I wish her every bit of luck in doing so.”

Damn Dawn, drama drama and more drama! But if you let her tell it, this is why she was absent from the reunion. Her and Lil Mo had some Twitter action during the airing of the first part of the reunion.

So we know not to look forward to Dawn for a second season! And there you have it!

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