NEW VIDEO | Miley Cyrus - "Wrecking Ball"

Her new album "Bangerz" is on the horizon and Miley Cyrus is ready to score. She just released the video for her newest single "Wrecking Ball". It's the follow up to her hit "We Can't Stop". The song was produced by Dr. Luke and will be featured on the album.

The video was released a few days ago and it was directed by Terry Richardson and we see an open and vulnerable Miley singing her heart out, bashing and smashing walls with balls and sledgehammers, and to top it all off, she goes naked in a few scenes. Watch it below.

I love this song and the video! Miley is just one to recon with. You people better get off her back. The VMA's have came and gone, leave her alone. The only thing that disturbed me in the video was the stretches of slob and saliva that was stretching from the top to the bottom of her teeth in the very beginning. She should have dried her shit with some paper towels or something. But other than that, this was so solid!! Your thoughts?

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