Keri Hilson Clarifies The Beyonce Apology Track; Says It's Not Important To Her

Remember about a month or two ago Timbaland spoke to Revolt in an interview stating that he and Keri Hilson crafted an apology track to Beyonce and Jay-Z titled "Sorry". Keri remained quiet about the news until now and she doesn't sound too pleased about how Timbaland made it come off.

She recently spoke to Global Grind's Blogxilla and they talked about her new found love, her role in the movie Riddick, new music as well as the alleged apology track. Since I could care less about Sheri Wilson and some of her ways, I'll just skip the goods and get straight to the shade!
Keri was asked about this track and here was her shady response to the question...

Timbaland also referenced a song called “I’m Sorry,” where you supposedly apologize to Beyonce. Can you tell me more about that song?There’s really nothing more to tell about that song. There’s really nothing to be said about it. What I will say, is the way Tim represented my verse is a little off. It’s not something I want to talk about right now. It’s not important to me. I’m not even sure if that song will be on the album. 
It’s not what he made it seem, I will say that. 
So when you saw his comment – because when he said that, it was all over the blogs – did you call him up to be like, “Yo…” or did you just write it off?I did. I called him up. We have that kind of relationship where we can speak to each other very candidly and very directly. A lot of our conversations are so deep, so I could really go there with him and let him know how I really feel.

If you care to read the rest of the interview, check it out here. I just wish I knew what the beef was! I just don't know that issue she has with Beyonce. They was this comes off is like she's saying "Who the hell said I was apologizing? Apologizing for what? "

For her to say it's not important and that it most likely won't make the album simply says a lot. I just want to hear the song, or even get inside Keri's head just to know what the problem is! One day it will come to the light and i'll be right there!

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