Katy Perry Tries To Be Ratchet But Fails

She tried it! Over the weekend, Katy Perry hit up the iHeart Music Festival and performed her new single for the first time, along with Juicy J. her hip-hop cut "Dark Horse" is the second single from her upcoming album "Prism" which will be released next month.

She hit the stage with a group of dancers an a colorful backgrounds with flashy lights and everything, but that didn't take away from the fact that she looked awkward and out of place while trying to get her ratchetness on. It just didn't work out in her favor. Check out the performance below.

The song has GREAT potential, but i just don't think it should have been given to Katy. Rihanna could have easily knocked this one out the park. It was just so out of place for her, even during the few gangster break downs, they didn't work for her. I don't think she should attempt to dance on another song. "California Girls" was cute, this.....not so much.

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