FRESH MUSIC | Katy Perry - "Dark Horse" (feat. Juicy J)

I must applaud the Katy Perry take over strategy. The fact the Juicy J is featured on one of her singles cracks me up. There no doubt that it's only an attempt to get some of the urban listeners in on her new album, but hey, whatever floats their boats.

The second single from her upcoming album has been released and it's the fan selected "Dark Horse". Like i said above, it features Juicy J and will be released on iTunes shorty. The album "Prism" is available for pre-order now. Listen to the tune below.

You know....I'm not digging it! Vocally at least, the production is sick! I love the beat, but I don't think this production fits this lyrics for this song. It could have been used for something greater, ghetto and ratchet. Especially the break down!

The fact that Juicy J sounds PERFECT on the tracks make my theory even more conclusive! He has that hip-hop flow that fits this production. Not the soft and poppy vocals that KAty is providing. Lets see how far this single goes. What do you think?

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