FRESH MUSIC | Britney Spears - "Work Bitch"

Britney Spears returns with a new single. The song is called "Work Bitch" and it's very electro-pop heavy. The track was penned by and produced by and Antony Preston, Britney herself, Otto Jettman and Ruth-Anne Cunningham...A.K.A. a shit load of people.

There is still a countdown going on her official website, and it states "All Eyes On Me" with 20 hours remaining. There has been no confirmation if the countdown was for this song or another but we will find out in due time.

Above is the official cover art for the single as she's dressed like a Vegas Showgirl. If you ask me, the cover is just as tacky as the song. Listen to the heavy hitting, soon-to-be club anthem after the break and you be the judge.

The song is...I mean, it's very dull. Very mediocre. There's nothing exciting about this music wise. I can easy see it taking off in clubs with the rave lights and molly pills and of course her fans will eat it up! But these ears, not so much. I really hope that this isn't what the countdown was for.

I've never really been a fan of the dance music that she does and this dates back to the beginning of her career. I like the ballad singing Britney. I would even put up with a dance track that she has strong vocals on. Like "Hold It Against Me" or "Till The World Ends". She  actually sounded nice on those tracks. This one, not so much.

Maybe it's for the video to this. She better be dancing up and storm and I'm talking "Toxic" or "Slave For You" style. I don't even think radios will eat this up. But whatever , we'll see. What do you think about the song?

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