Beyonce Snatched Off The Stage While Performing

Being one of the biggest entertainers in the world is no easy job. It's rigorous and dangerous. Especially for Beyonce. Throughout the year, she was been slapped on her ass, her hair got snatched and tangled by a fan, and over the weekend while she was in Brazil, an actual fan (concertgoer) decided to yank her off the stage while she was performing.

She was singing "Irreplaceable" which is the song she does the most interacting with fans and she sat down on the stage attempting to get into the crowd but she was grabbed by a fan and her security team acted fast to set her free. She continued her performance and didn't miss a beat. The guy was being escorted out, but she kept saying "It's Alright..". Peep the footage below.

That's scary! She could have easily had him escorted out and banned from all of her concerts. I know she was scared. You could her it in her voice as she kept saying "it's alright". It looks like she forgave him and let him stay. She told him that she loved him and everything. She's not as mean as people make her out to be....well to her fans at least. I wonder what's next?

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