ASK DIMP | Is It Gay To Let Another Man Suck Your ****?

Good friend Pheonix Phire asks,

Dimp, let me ask you something. I was on Twitter and came across this tweet and wanted to know what you thought about it. This guy wrote "I get my **** sucked by niggas all the's 2013! It's not gay!!" His words not mine.
Clearly he's pointing out that he lets dudes give him head, but does it make him gay? What makes a man gay? I just wanted to know your opinion on it. Because I feel that if he gets it done on a regular by a man, he's probably turned on by it and I believe that if one is turned on by someone of the same sex, it makes them gay.

My response below...

This is indeed a good question that I'd love to tackle. I'm a logical thinker, so here's what I think. To be considered gay, one has to actually have lustful feelings & desires for someone of the same sex. They have to be turned on or aroused by the same sex. Just because one gets oral pleasures from someone of the same sex does not necessarily make them gay.

It could be that they just love the feeling of oral sex. Now one would argue that if a guy becomes aroused because by another male performing oral sex makes them gay. That also isn't true. Simply because as humans, our bodies naturally react to certain things or elements...whether we want them to or not.

Lets take a woman being raped (sorry this is the best example I could find). If a woman is being raped, her body will still endure orgasmic reactions. She may not want it to happen, but it's natural. It's happening against her will. Just because she had an orgasm, does it mean she liked being raped? I don't think so. The same thing goes for a male's penis. If it gets touched in a pleasing manner, it will rise like no other, whether he wants it to or not.

Think about being blind folded. If a man is blind folded and is receiving oral sex, he can't see nor would he know who it is. It will feel somewhat pleasurable to him and it will make him rise. So to answer the question, the man who tweeted it could be gay or not, it's just a matter of him actually having feelings towards men, which I feel would make him gay.

If he simply likes the way oral sex, the action itself, feels then I don't think it makes him gay. So I can't say that he is or he isn't because I don't know the man. What do you think readers? Do you think it's gay or nah? Weigh in below!

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