Antoine Dodson Claims To Be Having A Baby On The Way With His Queen..

Remember her? Antoine Dodson? Hide ya kids, hid ya wife? The one who shot to fame for a good 15 minutes and tried to capitilized from it by making tacky appearances and numerous events and red carpet arrivals. Oh yeah, the same one who wanted to be a music star and the same one who turned straight overnight?

Yup, her! Yell, this good girl claims to have a baby on the way with his "Queen"...his words not mine. The news came from his live Facebook page which hasn't been updated in over a month. That's where he broke the news to his many fans and followers. Some can't believe it, and other just can't see what woman in their right man would lay down with him.

Giiiiiiiiiiiirl, stooop!! He not fooling me! Just look.

Now who let him on their back?

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