WATCH | R&B Divas LA: Season 1, Episode 7

This past Wednesday on TVOne saw a new episode of R&B Divas LA. All of the women were back and ready for action. Claudette Ortiz had to sit out last week due to a terrible accident with her daughter and she was brought up to speed with everything that she missed. Michel'le was focused on her EP. Chante Moore and Lil Mo were all about rehearsing for the monologues and they got some of that time in.

For most of the episode, Dawn Robinson and Kelly Price weren't shown, up until the last 5 minutes. Lil Moe met with Kelly to talk, but Kelly unleashed that diva and wasn't down for it. Lil Mo popped off and Kelly didn't seem to give two shits about what she had to say. Then as a shocker, at the very end, Dawn appears with Kelly on a big ass billboard sign advertising their "Not Ya Mama's Monologues" without the other ladies. So I can only imagine what's gonna happen next week. Watch it below.

Dawn is like a puppet. She's being controlled by Kelly. Either that, or she seems to think that the little fame and shine that Kelly does have will rub off on her, but she needs to think again. She's old as dust, there's no coming back for her.

I just simply hate the fact that Kelly is all like, this is MY idea, I brought it to the table, it's being done my way. Then she told the ladies that her schedule won't permit for her to do anything so she pulled out of the show, only to find out the bitch is doing her own productions all along. Big, fake, fat ass! The season finale is next week and that will be followed by a two part reunion show! I can't wait!!

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