WATCH | R&B Divas LA: Season 1, Episode 6

R&B Divas returned to TV One last night with a brand spanking new episode. It was titled "Diva Throw Down" and boy did it go down! The show picked up right where it left off. Michel'le returned and was being brought up to speed with everything that happened between the meetings, and more.

Chante Moore felt some kind of way with Kelly Price bring Timberland boots and Vaseline to a rehearsal but Kelly says it wasn't directed towards her. They were mere props for rehearsal *side eye*... She also used the meeting to pull out of the "Not Yo Mama's Monologues".

Meanwhile Dawn and her boyfriend explored further options for having a child and it looks like they've found they're calling. But shortly after she found out Kelly pulled out the show, she decided to do he same thing saying that Kelly was being thrown under the bus...and Lil Mo went IN! Check it below.

I'm all for Lil Mo! The hood straight came out!! She went in on Dawn! She looked so scared and tterrified while she attempted to stand her ground. But Lil Mo wasn't having it! She called her out and said "is Kelly yo manager?!" Told her that she was scared of Kelly and everything! My thing is, why didn't she go off on Kelly like that? Clearly Dawn is a weak link and looks like she will faill out as soon as a fist is raised.

But when Kelly quit, Lil Mo didn't have much to say. The preview for the next episode shows Lil Mo going even FURTHER IN on Kelly Price. So to answer my  question, she didn't go off on Kelly because she was saving it for the next episode. Kelly baffles me, she only quit because no one wanted to her directed to do the show. It was her way or the highway, and since everyone chose the highway, she quit...and Dawn followed suit.

Claudette was a no show but she will be on the next episode looking FLAWLESS. Her hair and face was beat to the back to the back grove church, just looking fabulous!! Be sure to tune in next week!

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