WATCH | R&B Divas LA: Season 1, Episode 5

Last night, the newest episode of R&B Divas LA aired on TV One and it picked up exactly where the last one left off...drama! The show stars Dawn Robinson, Lil Mo, Kelly Price, Claudette Ortiz, Chante Moore and Michel'le...who was no where to be seen in this episode. But the rest were there and Kelly continued with her diva-ish ways towards the other ladies and Fred.

Chante was the only one who had no problem standing up to Kelly and speaking her mind about the entire situation and how she has been acting towards Fred. Kelly's response was bringing some Timbaland boots and Vaseline to rehearsal and Chante took it as being directed towards her.

Lil Mo finally stands up to voice her opinion at the very end, so hopefully we'll see more of that next week. Dawn has been off and out to the fertitality doctor to get more advice on having children and we meet her boyfriend. Claudette was also out of this episode with a family emergency. So, get all up into with with Kelly and Chante's on going cat fight! It looks like it will spill over next week as well!

WOW! Kelly tried it! I'm mad that she's acting like she's this BIG Big BIG celebrity. Like she's this big star. Bitch, your Wikipedia page doesn't even have a picture and YOU can upload that shit on your own! Get real! I can't beleive she told Chante to let her know where she can buy a ticket. She was throwing major shade for no reason.

She kept saying it was her idea, she brought it to the table, it's her way or the high way. Chante on the other hand is like, this show will go on with or without Kelly! I think the entire situation is a "control" thing. Kelly wants to have total control over everything! This, I noticed from the very FIRST episode. It was the first thing I said about watching her. She think she runs it! She wants to run it. But Chante ain't having it!! Nor am I for that matter.

Chante was just looking at her like bitch shut the FUCK up! I lived for that look!! Here it is!

YES!! She was gone snatch the rest of that undone weave out of her head!! As dfor Dawn and her baby situation, I think that the doctor was simply doing his job. Shit, if your eggs are rotten, then they're rotten. It's better than him saying "yes you WILL have kids, "you can do it" and making her believe that she can. That would make her even more unhappy. But I do hope that she conceives. I can't wait for next week!

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