WATCH | R&B Divas LA: Season 1, Episode 4

Excuse my delay, but I was on a great vacation hitting up Cedar Point in Ohio over the past few days. But anyway, here is the latest episode for R&B Divas: LA which stars Claudette Ortiz, Lil Mo, Chante Moore, Michel'le, Dawn Robinson and Kelly Price.

The drama unfolded in this episode as Kelly unleashed her inner diva to the other ladies and the producer that was hired to coordinate the monologue session since she failed to do so. The only lady that stood up and spoke her mind was Chante.

Also Lil Mo's custody battle sparked a little bit of drama as well. She's trying to move her other two daughters out to LA with her but the ex isn't having it. Check out the drama filled episode below.

Kelly Price showed her ASS in this episode and I wanted to jump up and through the screen to smack her right in the face and Dawn acted just like the scary friend that you all had in high school. She came up in there and lied straight through her teeth when Lil Mo AND Chante told her about meeting up with the producers.

She started a lot of drama from nothing, but guess what, this is what I asked for. I've been asking for the drama and Kelly gave it to me tonight! She should have gave it to me differently though. It looks like next week will be just as fiery because in the preview she was going off the on the producers. I just don't like that fact that she thinks that she runs shit.

She kept saying her schedule is packed, her calender is booked, she doesn't have time for this and that becuase she has performances and what not. Girl ain't nobody checking for you so cut it out! But the drama just sucked me deeper into the show, so I will thank her for that!

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