WATCH | The Game: Season 6, Episode 19

Only one episode is left and it will conclude the 6th season of The Game which airs on BET. Last night, a new episode aired and it showcased some dramatic character behavior changes. Jason returned after being gone for three episodes and Tasha made him realize the type of controlling and bulling person that he really is. He saw that she was hurt by the fact that he ran his ex-wife Kelly away and is doing the same to Chardonnay. The situation prompted him to write a letter to Kelly.

Kiera and Blue attended her movie premiere and there was a love scene that she didn't want him to see. Of course he saw it, and it takes that tumultuous relationship for another turn. T-T also returned to go into business with Malik after agreeing on giving him a second chance. Lastly, after the night wrapped, Tasha went to visit her father whom didn't give her the best childhood life, five men surround Malik in an empty parking lot after dark. Check it out below.

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