"The Chris Brown Story" Coming soon

He's been on the scene since 2004, which makes it nearly a decade since Chris Brown has made his mark on the music industry. He's released 5 albums "Chris Brown", "Exclusive", "Graffiti", "F.A.M.E." and "Fortune". A sixth is on the way called "X". We've seen him rise to the top with his good looks, dance moves, high profile endorsements, movies and more. Then we saw him fall to low points.

The Rihanna incident, being banned from award shows, people, friends and fans turning their backs on him. Even stil ltoday, he's slowly picking up the pieces to his music career. Now he's taking a turn to do a biopic. He annouced the news via Twitter today and said that director John Singleton will be doing the flick. He crafted the iconic "Poetic Justice" and "Boys In The Hood". The biopic is called "The Chris Brown Story".

Details are mum, there's no word on who will be in the movie or when it will be released, but we do know that it's coming. Are you ready for a Chris Brown movie? It will be 10 years rolled up into an hour possibly two hour flick!

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